8 Simple Ways To De-Stress Before Bedtime

SIMPLE WAYS TO DE-STRESS to achieve a good night sleep-yourself on update

The Importance Of De-stressing To Achieve A Good Night Sleep


Our body knows what we think and feel, and with that, our subconscious mind will reciprocate all of these. If we are so tired and feeling so stress from work, financial issues, health, etc., our subconscious mind will tremendously affect our daily norm more than the physical weariness we put in from work. The effects of being so emotionally and mentally stressed will adversely impact the way we sleep at night.

My grandmother once told me never to go to bed with a heavy heart or have problems or issues that need to be resolved and addressed before the night ends. People way back then lived longer than the new generation because the level of stress and lifestyle is lower than compared to nowadays. They tend to sleep better and longer hours at night. Their lifestyle in common was straightforward and uncomplicated.

What is the importance of de-stressing before bedtime? I should say it is significantly crucial for our overall health. Less sleep or no sleep sums up to various factors such as moody behavior, skin breakouts, the occurrence of severe health issues like high blood pressures, insomnia, and others. You quickly get provoked and no sense of direction because your mind is exhausted from not resting.

Here are the simple ways to de-stress before bedtime:

8 Ways To De-Stress Before Bedtime


You might think it’s a bizarre way of De-stressing, but if you are working longer hours walking, elevating your feet at home after a hard day of work will help you recuperate and promote good blood circulation in your heart. It’s simple, yet the benefits are enormous in recovering the circular flow to your core. Elevating feet is for people working on their feet for so many hours and for the individual who spends most of their day sitting on the chair at work. It will also take the pressure from your veins and reduce the inflammation. By elevating your feet for 15 minutes regularly at home before bedtime, you can prevent vein issues like varicose veins as you grow older.

De-stress #1. PUT YOUR FEET UP
Elevating your feet will help you recuperate from the severe pressure of walking or sitting, thereby getting back that normal circular flow of your blood through your heart and promoting healthy-looking legs free from varicose veins.


If you feel sore from exercising or did some physically demanding work, a warm shower at the end of the day will ease your whole body’s discomfort and pain. I mostly take my time in a warm shower after work. With the pandemic situation on board, I always make sure that going straight to a warm shower is a priority. It will comfort and ease muscle pain and fatigue; it helps relax your muscle before bed and naturally recharge your beauty. Using lavender or rain forest bath soap will add relief and rejuvenate your body’s condition.

De-stress #2. TAKE A WARM SHOWER


Some people I know do not like to eat when drained, but for others like myself, eating doesn’t affect my current mood. It is always best to eat dinner before 6 PM, but if you get home past the recommended eating time, it is vital to go for a light meal option. Entirely not eating before you go to bed is not a good practice for your body. It will mess up your metabolism and could affect your good night’s sleep. Imagine yourself going to bed with belly gurgling.

It will hamper and cut-short your sleep, and you won’t achieve a full night of rest—some alternatives for a light dinner like eating less or no carbs if you prefer, salmon with veggies of your preference, salad with a light dressing, or a bowl of chicken vegetable soup. Eating a light meal for dinner could also re-gain your energy from a tough day at work and enables you to de-stress before bedtime.

De-stress #3. EAT A LIGHT MEAL.
Eating a light meal at dinner is essential to aid and boost an uninterrupted sleep de-stressing at night.

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Hot green tea, chamomile, or lavender tea is proven to promote a good night’s sleep. Chamomile and lavender are said to have antioxidant components, act as sedatives, and aids in pain relief. De-stressing before a night of sleep with hot tea will also restore the damaging effect of exposing your skin to external factors and slow aging.

Some benefits of drinking chamomile tea include proper digestion, lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which promote sleep, boost our immune system, and ease muscle spasms. So start incorporating this simple step of de-stressing yourself at the end of the day.

De-stress #4. DRINK SOME TEA
Chamomile tea aids in de-stressing before bedtime improves skin, and serve as muscle relief.


Reading either informative books or articles will enhance and quickly stimulate your brain. Study shows that engaging in activity that frequently enables your mind will decrease dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. A well-written informative book can de-stress and drive you away from the chaotic and stressful situation at the end of the day.

It leads and focuses your attention on the details and information on what you are reading instead of thinking about the day’s negative experiences.

Reading can also improve focus and concentration while expanding your vocabulary and develop your analytical skills. If you are not a fan of reading, start it by reading short articles before bedtime until you get used to a routine of reading before lying down to sleep.

Reading is essential in de-stressing before bedtime, helps you fall asleep while improving your brain’s stimulation.


Using aromatherapy either in the form of lotions, oils, and aromatic candles is a fact that can promote health and well-being. Aromatherapy includes a wide array of de-stressing benefits, including a good night’s sleep, combat body pains, relaxation of your mind and emotion, and boosts your immune system.

The scent of the aromatherapy will fade away the burden of anxiety stimulate calm and inner peace. If you happen to go to a massage salon, the aromatic smell will greet you as you enter the establishment; this will help customers to stimulate tranquility before their session starts.

Aromatherapy is proven to ease anxiety and pains. It promotes the overall health and well-being of an individual.


It is always comforting to know that your things to do for the following day is already set and intact. Preparing and planning your essential work before bedtime will help ease that burden in your mind and de-stress you from rushing into a predicament. For me, internalizing and planning the night before is highly essential.

I set my alarm at the same time every day, step out the door for work, and calculate the standard or average arrival at work the same time every day. I mostly plan what to do in my projects and start it regardless of my hectic schedule daily.

If you are working full time at home, you can do planning like what to do when you first get up in the morning and the things you must need to accomplish at the end of the day. A small step of planning each day will de-stress all of your night’s uncertainties.

It is crucial to plan your to-do list to start your day worry-free the night before you go snooze. It will enable you to de-stress and wear off that anxious mood at night.


Before I start working on my project at night, I always make sure I get my headphones ready and tune in to my classical and relaxing music while doing my computer work. Doing these simple things will help calm my mind and enhance my thinking. It’s a sort of brain stimulator for me, and it speeds up conceiving ideas. Whenever I have difficulty sleeping at night, I always tune in to my favorite music, internalize every bit of melody, and eventually fall asleep.

De-stress #8. LISTEN TO MUSIC
Listening to music will help de-stress your hectic day, enhance ideas while writing, and aid in sleeping.

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