8 Proven Tips For Better Sleep | Achieve Uninterrupted Sleep At Night

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How To Promote Better Sleep?

Proven Tips For Better Sleep

Are you a light sleeper? Someone who has difficulty achieving a good night’s sleep with a small form of distraction, causing you to wake up quickly? We all could learn how to achieve better sleep. I know I belong to the light sleeper group. That’s the reason why I turn off my phone volume while I am snoozing.

Better sleep is beneficial to our health in a variety of ways. Medical health experts advise people to gain as much sleep as possible, preventing many health conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, cancer types, and depression. Deep sleep will also improve blood pressure, develop hormone production that can help lose weight, and improve brain function.

I firmly believe that being a night or day person has something to do with your lifestyle and habits you practice for a lengthy period. The kind of job or career impacts your routine, as well. If you work at night, typically, your sleeping pattern will change and vice versa. Regardless of your work schedule, an uninterrupted sleeping pattern can be highly attainable from a few helpful tips and guides.

#1. Avoid Caffeine.

Better sleep #1. Avoid Caffeine
Drink your favorite coffee during the day and avoid it in the afternoon to achieve better sleep at night

Coffee or any form of caffeine like an energy drink is famous as a “pick me up” drink. Coffee can boost energy and serves as an antioxidant, but consuming it at the wrong time may lead to adverse effects. Drinking caffeine in the afternoon or before bedtime could tremendously affect your ability to sleep on time.

Too much caffeine consumption will endure vigor in your body even late at night and disrupt your sleeping pattern. Achieving better sleep and intense rest at night is completely possible if caffeine intake will be lessened. Try to indulge in your favorite drink in moderation.

#2. Keep Your Mind Busy.

Better sleep #2. Keep Your Mind Busy
Keep your mind busy by reading a book or something that helps you think about your schemes and relax your mind to achieve a night of better sleep.

Your brain and body are possibly heightened with a boost of stimulants, part of which you cannot sleep well at night and fail to achieve better sleep.

You may also be experiencing exhaustion from physical work or mental distress in your personal life; these are some of the contributing factors that will put you restless at night and unable to complete the full relaxation that your body needs.

Keep your mind busy by reading a book or something that helps you think about your schemes. Envision yourself in success, write down all you need to do in detail.

Make a plan for the next day or prepare your things for work the night before. Meditate and internalize what you accomplish for the day and be thankful.

#3. Avoid Nap At Daytime.

Better sleep #3. Avoid Nap At Daytime
10-20 minutes is enough to restore your energy and function at work effectively during the day without jeopardizing your better sleep at night.

Taking a nap in the daytime is said to boost your brain function, improves memory, and decline stress. Napping will regain energy and improve performance but napping longer hours late in the afternoon will mess-up the sleeping schedule at night.

A recommended nap or better sleep of about 10-20 minutes is enough to restore your energy and function at work effectively.

#4. Avoid Eating Spicy Before Sleep.

Better sleep #4. Avoid Eating Spicy Before Sleep
Stomach problems and issues at night are prevalent if you are eating spicy food before going to bed. Avoiding this type of food will be ideal for achieving better sleep at night.

It may sound irrelevant to others, but when you reach the point when spicy food is no longer bearable for your stomach, eating some during dinner will undoubtedly keep you up and running to the bathroom. Spicy food is not suitable for people that have stomach problems and hemorrhoids.

It is essential to be mindful of your health and changes in your body as you go through at a certain age, to maintain a better condition, especially achieving better sleep or uninterrupted sleep at night.

#5. Do Not Overeat At Dinner.

Better sleep #5. Do Not Overeat At Dinner
Try not to overeat nor starve but eat light to promote a better sleep condition at night.

Yep! bloated tummy before going to bed is a bad idea. Especially when you have that drive to lose weight and skip meals on lunch, chances are, you will starve yourself before dinner and may overeat on your last meal for the day. 

Overeating will cause you to bloat and will undoubtedly disrupt your better sleep at night. Try not to overeat nor starve but eat light to promote a better mood and sleeping condition at night.

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#6. Avoid Drinking A lot Of Water Before Sleep.

Better sleep #5. Do Not Overeat At Dinner
Drink enough water at a proper time, but avoid excessive water intake before bedtime to achieve a full night of better sleep.

Drinking a lot of water is recommended by doctors to flush out toxins and hydrate the body; however, drinking too much water at night will increase your trips to the bathroom to urinate.

Drinking water near bedtime will disturb and mess up the sleeping cycle and negatively affect your heart’s health condition. According to a study published in 2014, the benefits of drinking water before bed will enhance the mood for low water drinkers and restlessness for those who get used to drinking plenty of water and depletes the intake.

It is best to avoid drinking water two hours before bedtime to attain better sleep.

#7. Take Supplements That Promote Better Sleep.

Better sleep #7. Take Supplements That Promote Better Sleep
Contains melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone synthesized in the brain that regulates sleep and wake cycles* Sugar-free, a dissolvable tablet designed to support better sleep with a tasty orange flavor* Contains no animal ingredients. Naturally regulates your sleep and promotes better sleep. CLICK IMAGE!

If keeping yourself busy at night didn’t work out so well to put you back to slumberland, then a supplement intervention will be worth a try. One night of sleep deprivation will negatively affect your mood.

You may appear crabby and not so approachable. You will feel lethargic the entire day, and yawning will be your unpleasant gesture for the day.

Choose a fast-acting melatonin supplement that can support your goal of achieving a good night’s sleep while you rise feeling well-rested in the morning.

Sometimes, when life’s demand gets tough, your brain will suffer the consequences more than your body could experience; that is why the brain needs to stimulate rest.

Melatonin supplements help induce your body’s natural sleep cycles, thereby attaining better sleep for the night.

#8. Shut-Off Your Phone.

Better sleep #8. Shut-Off Your Phone
A night of better sleep can be quite manageable if you eliminate gadget distractions before going to bed.

Your gadgets, such as your mobile phone, could be a factor of sleep distraction. A light sleeper type can easily awaken when the phone rings and your volume is on.

Try to turn your phone’s silent mode at night and put the screen upside down to avoid the bright light as your notification pops up on the screen.

A night of better sleep can be quite manageable if disregarding the bad practices and nightly habits in your routine.

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