How To Lose Baby Belly After Six Months From Delivery?

Easiest way to lose baby belly

A woman’s body will go through a lot of body changes during pregnancy. One of the noticeable changes is the expanding of the belly as the months progress. Many hormonal changes occur during and after the pregnancy period, and this hormone change may or may not affect an expecting mother’s overall health. Most women will typically increase their weight during pregnancy due to enlargement of the uterus, breast, and hips.

Women’s pregnant belly consists of a fetus or baby, an amniotic sac with amniotic fluid, umbilical cord, blood, and placenta, contributing to the pregnancy’s increasing weight. But being pregnant is not a reason not to stay healthy; in fact, doctors recommend some physical movement or exercise during and after the pregnancy period as long as your body is capable of doing physical activities.

To lose baby belly after pregnancy is quite a hard deal for most women, regardless of age. Having your focus shifted to your little one may sometimes overlook your own wellness during these critical times of nurturing your infant.

Losing weight begins when you give birth. Exercising after few days from a vaginal delivery without any complications is usually safe to do. But if you have a cesarean section delivery, you may need to ask your physician’s recommendation about the safest start of your physical activity as C-section may take more prolonged healing than vaginal delivery.

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Here are six helpful tips to lose baby belly after delivery.

#1. Breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is essential for your baby’s nourishment and vital support for the infant’s health protection. It can also help you lose baby belly after delivery and prevent possible chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and even breast cancer. Breastfeeding will use up your body’s stored fat cells and calories you consume, which lead you to shed pounds. During lactation, eating 300-500 calories extra is essential to your milk production and proper nourishment of the baby.

Losing weight during pregnancy takes about six to nine months, depending on your food choices and physical activities. Therefore, it is vital to consider healthy options for your meal, snacks, and even beverages. Go for more greens and whole-grain options as it is beneficial for better nourishment of your baby while supporting your weight loss plan.

Lose weight after pregnancy #1. Breastfeeding
Lose baby belly after delivery fast through breastfeeding your baby for an average of 24 months.
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#2. Postpartum Exercise.

When you have a vaginal delivery, starting an exercise after few days of your recovery is usually safe to do, granting that you are physically able to do exercise movements without any complications. Compared to moms who underwent a C-section, they may take longer to wait and recuperate before they can do anything for exercise.

Usually, the waiting period for healing the C-section wound may take up to six weeks minimum. Still, it is always best to consult your OBGYN practitioner about the proper time for you to begin your physical activity. Some wounds may heal longer than expected, particularly in the region of the incision.

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Lose weight after pregnancy #2. Postpartum Exercise
To lose baby belly after delivery through exercise may be different for each mom. C-section delivery may take longer to wait compared to women who underwent vaginal delivery.
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Lose Baby Belly After Delivery: Recommended exercises after C-section:

#2.1 Breathing Exercise.

This exercise will allow you to relax your muscles and train your core muscles to work by:

  • Laying comfortably on a flat surface while placing your hand in your belly. 
  • Breathe in slowly and relax your abdominal muscles.
  • Slowly breathe out as you pull your abdominal muscles.
  • Squeeze your pelvic muscles as you do the breathing.
  • Slowly hold your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles for at least 10 seconds before you release.
  • Recommended doing this for ten times repetition.

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Lose weight after pregnancy 2.1 Breathing Exercise yourself on update
Breathing in and out can burn calories, one of the safest recommended exercises that help to lose baby belly after delivery.
>>Diastasis Recti Breathing Exercises Illustration<<
#2.2 Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise.

Kegel exercise also called pelvic floor muscle exercise, is essential in a variety of ways. This type of activity can help you improve the issues of incontinence. Incontinence is your muscle and nerve’s inability to control the bladder and bowel movement due to pregnancy, menopause, and chronic conditions. Kegel can help recovery from childbirth and prevent pelvic organ prolapse (POP), which cause by prolonged physical work, delivery, menopausal effects, and obesity. Regular kegel exercise can strengthen the pelvic floor muscle. It can also improve sexual arousal and aids in overall fitness. It is important to lose baby belly after delivery to avoid the added factor of weakening the pelvic muscle when you are gaining excessive weight.

Lose weight after pregnancy #2.2 Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise
Pelvic floor exercise will strengthen the muscles that control bladder and bowel movement and aids in your goal to lose baby belly after delivery.
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#2.3 Wall Squat Exercise.

Wall squat, also known as the wall sit. It is an exercise that you can incorporate to strengthen glutes, front of the thighs, abdominal muscles, and calves. Wall squat exercise is beneficial to your goal to lose baby belly after delivery since it burns many calories. A repetition of doing wall sit for at least 15 seconds will raise your heart rate, resulting in more calories burned. It will boost your metabolic rate and improves your heart health.

Lose weight after pregnancy #2.3 Wall Squat Exercise
Wall squat is a good exercise to lose baby belly after delivery since it burns many calories while increasing your heart rate.

Another essential benefit you can get from wall sit exercise is that it works your entire lower body. It is not about building muscle mass, but it increases your muscular endurance of holding a wall squat for a more extended period of time.

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#2.4 Cesarean Delivery Scar Massage.

For moms who underwent a cesarean section delivery, a C-section scar massage is essential for alleviating wound pain while enhancing the mood. C-section delivery takes a long time in terms of recuperation compared to vaginal delivery. To lose baby belly after delivery on C-section delivery is not advisable to start at the earliest time, at least not until after 12 weeks of recovery or depending on what your OBGYN advises you to do.

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Lose weight after pregnancy #2.4 Cesarean Delivery Scar Massage
Postpartum massage is a great way to speed up healing after delivery but always consult a doctor first before doing so as some women may have issues that prevent them from this type of activity.
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>>C-section Scar Massage Illustration<<

Consider a delivery postpartum scar massage to speed up healing but always consult your doctor at all times. Some women who have complicated blood clots during pregnancy may not recommend going for a massage until it is safe to resume otherwise. In this case, look for other means of exercise that are safely recommended to lose baby belly after pregnancy.

Here are some benefits for postpartum massage:

  • Postpartum massage reduces the swelling for most mothers that swells during labor. The massage can help the circulation and eliminates excess fluids.
  • Massage can help boost a deep sleep and promote the body’s relaxation mood as new moms will deprive most of their sleep for few months.
  • Postpartum massage can improve the flow of milk. Suckling and breast massage can release oxytocin and prolactin that increase milk production, based on a 1994 study.
  • Postpartum depression is expected experience by some new moms. A massage can alleviate the feeling of anxiety and depressed mood.
#2.5 Leg Slide Exercise.

Leg slide exercise is one way to tone your leg and abdominal muscles. The purpose of this exercise is to restore the waistline and improves blood circulation. Leg slide will also strengthen hip and thigh muscle.

Lose weight after pregnancy #2.5 Leg Slide Exercise
>>Leg Slide Exercise Illustration<<
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#3. Eat High Fiber and Protein Foods.

Eating the right foods packed with nutrients is vital to the baby and mom’s health, especially with the new lactating mothers. Constipation is common in pregnancy, and sometimes it can be experienced even postpartum period. New moms need to go for fiber-rich foods to lose baby belly after delivery while resolving bowel movement issues.

Some foods that are rich in fiber and helps you to lose baby belly after delivery fast are the following:

  • Okra– is a known nutritional food for prenatal support, reducing the risk of neural tube defect during the early stage of pregnancy, and is also highly effective in resolving constipation issues. One of the many excellent benefits of okra is reducing cholesterol levels and aids in weight loss.
  • Salmon– is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and contains DHA. DHA can be found on breast milk, but its level amount is higher for women who consumed salmon in their diets. The DHA found in salmon can also boost happy mood and reduce postpartum depression. However, Salmon and any fish should be eaten moderately to avoid absorbing the mercury content, which harms your child’s health. It is recommended only to consume 12 ounces of salmon per week.

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Lose weight after pregnancy #3. Eat High Fiber Foods
  • Fruits and Vegetables– is another rich in fiber foods that can lose weight after pregnancy fast. Fruits like blueberries and oranges are packed with vitamins and minerals that can give the needed carbohydrates to fuel energy for lactating moms. Green leafy vegetables like spinach can boost milk production and serve as an antioxidant, increasing a better mood while maintaining your skin’s healthy look.
  • Consume low-fat dairy in your diet. Low-fat dairy like yogurt, low-fat milk, and cheese are good vitamin-D source regulating the amount of calcium, essential for bone strengthening. Lactating mothers need to consume this type of food to benefit the child’s bone development.

#4. Calculate or Monitor Calorie Intake.

To lose baby belly after delivery is necessary for many health reasons. Keeping an eye on your food choices and be vigilant about what you put in your mouth is important to you and your baby’s well-being.

An additional 600 to 800 calories per day is needed for breastfeeding moms as the infant requires extra nutrients for proper and healthy growth development. While incorporating healthy fats in your diets such as omega-3 fats, avocado, nuts, olive oil, salmon, and flaxseed oil are the types of foods that reduce abdominal fat and support lose baby belly after delivery.

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Lose weight after pregnancy #4. Calculate or Monitor Calorie Intake


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Activity Level
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#5. Avoid Sugary Foods.

It is common for a new mom to experience sleep deprivation, especially when breastfeeding her infant. She has to get up multiple times to feed the baby and take care of all the infant’s needs. Because of these changes and unusual sleep patterns for a new mom, the tendencies of food cravings are mostly high while the moods are down. The decision of picking the right foods to eat is sometimes entirely off. It is typical for a tiring mom to crave sugary foods and go for the unhealthy food options to satisfy the cravings and feel a sense of bliss.

To lose baby belly after delivery with the heightened cravings for sugary foods may be difficult to control without strong motivation and a proper meal plan to follow.

Lose weight after pregnancy #5. Avoid Sugary Foods

Avoid sugary food as possible during your critical times of breastfeeding because an uncontrolled diet may cause gain weight, leading to other health issues. Store nutritious food in your fridge and pick fruits, yogurt, and nuts for your snack as options to stay on track with your postpartum weight loss. If your cravings for sugary food are heightened, go for dark chocolate, give benefits to your body as a mood booster, and cocoa content will also help you lose baby belly after delivery.

Bottom Line

As a new mom, it is vital to put your health and responsibilities in balance. Taking care of your newborn baby is indeed on top of your list. However, your health and well-being should also be a priority. Your goal to get back in shape and to lose baby belly after delivery is highly attainable with a proper meal plan in place, doing recommended daily exercises, watching the right amount and type of food to eat, avoiding sugary foods, and going more on fiber and the nutritional option is an excellent means to get back to your pre-baby shape in less than a year.


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