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Unbelievable Beauty Secrets Of Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts in 2019 golden globes award.

“What you see is what you get” are the words that came out of Julia’s mouth when interviewed about her beauty secrets.

Julia Roberts was known for her famous movie “Pretty Woman” back in 1990. She is an established actress and producer who won a series of awards for her films. In one of her popular pretty woman movies in 1990, she portrayed a challenging role and always wore makeup as part of the scene. A versatile actress playing among many characters in a different lead. Despite her busy career as an actress, It shows that her skin didn’t change over the years.

Julia Roberts’s perfect smile is more than enough to justify her captivating beauty, while the add-on make-up makes her face look even more stunning. Her simple makeup look brings out her skin’s natural beauty, emphasizing her beautiful cheek features. At the age of 52 with three children, Julia Roberts believes that a natural look is still the best way to go.

She was not a fan of heavy make-up ever since, although she’s wearing it most of the time for her film and still prefers a simple look as part of her lifestyle and daily regimen. In one of her interviews, she commented that she’s not a heavy user of creams and lotions and want to keep her routine as easy and manageable.

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Beauty Secret Tips She Can Share

#1. Stay Positive and Cheerful.

Julia Roberts believes that your entire aura, which includes your mood, appearance, and atmosphere, will look pleasant whenever you’re happy.

Every inch of your look, such as the beauty of your skin, will radiate gorgeously if you are happy. While negative energy, like depression and anxiety, could immensely affect the texture of the face.

Julia Roberts in her natural skin beauty.

Skin tends to wrinkle fast, and fine lines show quickly on your face as you tolerate stress in your inner self. Julia thinks she’s a happy person, which makes her stay looking younger than her age.

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#2. Physical Fitness.

julia roberts on yoga
Julia Roberts, in her yoga regimen, a secret of maintaining the beauty of her skin.

Julia Roberts loves to do yoga, aerobics, and jogging as her fitness exercise. She added that she is not particular about diet; however, salmon and fruits like berries are on top of her list. The actress made sure that exercise is part of her routine to keep her in shape and healthy.

#3. Eat Salmon and Berries.

We all know that fish like salmon, seafood, flaxseed, chia seeds, and walnuts are abundant omega-3 foods that benefit the skin’s elasticity, develop the brain, and reduce anxiety.

It will also inhibit some skin issues like acne, psoriasis, allergies, and UV radiation skin pigmentation effects. Eating omega-3 fatty foods will slow down the aging process of the skin as well.

Salmon is rich in omega-3 that slows down the process of aging. Regular consumption of the fish will benefit the elasticity of the skin.

#4. Skincare Regimen.

As much as possible, Julia Roberts prefers to wear light make-up. A sunscreen, serum at night, cream for the eye are top her beauty regimen lists. She believes that sunscreen and eye cream are essential skincare products to use as you age.

Julia Roberts is also particular about skin hydration and moisture, which is why she likes to use olive oil as an add-on ingredient to her cream, mostly applied after a shower. For hair, she uses olive oil for smooth and manageable hair.

olive oil
Olive oil has overall benefits in beauty, health, and kitchen use.

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#5. Make-up Use.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Julia Roberts is not a fan of using heavy make-up. The actress likes to keep it simple; using nude matte is more suitable for her face to highlight her natural beauty.

Julia uses high-quality mascara and a line on the upper eyelid to emphasize her curly eyelashes and a little bit of lipstick or lip gloss to complete her gorgeous yet straightforward appeal.



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#6. Wear Perfume.

Julia Roberts is a promoter of La Vie Est Belle perfume, but she also revealed that fragrance is vital for her, and she would not commit to represent a product if she doesn’t like it in the first place. In her career as an actress, a good smell at all times is highly important.

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