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Small Steps To Do To Improve Focus On Yourself


I always doubted myself, which obstructed me from achieving my goal. More often, procrastination contributed to this inefficient and prolonged result. I tend to get distracted quickly and always let my emotions overrule and manipulate my every move. Making some drastic steps and actions without rationally thinking and prior planning will most likely lead you to the same worse scenario.

You may have so many plans and goals to achieve, but did you ever know yourself too well? Are you considering the small steps of your objectives before you can obtain and materialize your vision? It is effortless and promising to set a goal, and yet most of us fail to do the small steps in our daily undertakings.

Taking small steps from what we consider trivial or unimportant tasks every day is equally vital as working on our big goals. It is the habit and consistency of doing that make one’s schemes achievable. For example, tasks like washing dishes or just plainly cleaning our surroundings are relatively minor. Yet, it unconsciously affects our entire living and driving force on everything.

Lately, I have set a goal and started working on this project every day since then. It is certainly not easy to balance, to be honest, knowing that I am working on a full-time job with longer hours at work every day. My entire body is exhausted when I get home and find ways to encourage and manipulate myself to keep pursuing is even more challenging. The focus is hard to attain at some point, your instinct is pushing you always, but sometimes your body doesn’t go along with it.

Unless you are working on your phase at home, focusing on yourself is not an issue. If you are working full time like myself, finding some motivation to do your projects after work takes a lot of driving force to make it happen. For me, considering small tasks plays a vital role in my mood. Most especially at home, my environment correlates and ignites my motivation depending on what scenario I may encounter by the time I arrive in my place.

A clean and homey place relaxes and eases my stress. Simultaneously, a chaotic and unorganized home will add up my tiring day from work, take small steps to start a good habit, and eventually focus on yourself without any distractions in executing your other projects.

How to develop a focus on yourself

Here are the eight steps to start.

 #1. Make Your Bed.

Focus On Yourself #1. Make Your Bed

Simple things like folding your blanket and arranging your pillows and beddings after you get up in the morning are good habits and practices for yourself. You can achieve a sense of direction and accomplishment when your bed is tidy and arranged and focus on moving on other tasks.

#2. Organize Your Closet.

Focus on yourself #2. Organize Your Closet

Have you found the closet cluttered and unorganized lately? Does it affect your mood negatively to find simple pants or a shirt for work? If not, then good for you. Losing self-focus involves many things around you; this includes unknowingly untidy on your stuff.

Aside from saving time looking for your shirt or pants in the closet, when it is well maintained and arranged, your mind can focus on starting your goal for the day with less distraction.

The cabinet is somewhat complex to deal with, especially if you own a walk-in or ample closet. In my personal experience, I fold and set aside winter clothes from summer clothes. I put away and segregate seasonal clothing until needed; this will help save some space and help declutter it.

#3. Make A To-Do List Each Day.

Focus on yourself #3. Make A To-Do List Each Day

Like everything else you do each day, making a to-do list to accomplish an everyday task is a great help to achieve focus on yourself.

When our daily schedule is hectic and demanding, it is necessary to write down all the important missions and goals to accomplish for the day to avoid forgetting them.

The success in completing your task depends on the systematic steps you set for yourself.

#4. Clean Your Working Area.

Focus on yourself #4. Clean Your Working Area

At home, I consider my computer table as my working area. It is quite uncomfortable for me to start a project with a messy space. I always make sure I have my wipes, sticky notes, pen, and headphones before beginning my work.

I do not allow my computer area to fill with clutter other than my basic stuff and a coffee cup to avoid petty distractions. Some people can work well with a busy table, and that is fine.

On the other hand, a clean table or working space can stimulate your brain and focus on yourself faster than having a messy, unorganized area.

#5. Organize Your Kitchen.

Focus on yourself #5. Organize Your Kitchen

I love to cook, and if I could find time during weekends or in my less hectic schedule, I would like to hang out in the kitchen, prepare my favorite dish, or explore some recipes.

It helps me focus while preparing a meal if my kitchen stuff is well-arranged and tidy.

The kitchen is one of my stress-free get-aways whenever I feel burned out from doing my work; I just took my time to eat or cook some meal.

#6. Take Time For Yourself.

Focus on yourself #6. Take Time For Yourself

Either you are taking a nap, watching your favorite show, reading a book, cooking, or merely listening to your favorite music, the most important step to focus on yourself is only taking time for yourself and de-stress.

We all need a break or a “me time” moment to recuperate and regain our energy. To lower or eliminate the stress level in your system, you’ll have to take your time to internalize and find peace for yourself momentarily without any distraction.

#7. Clean Your Car.

Focus on yourself #7. Clean Your Car

Your car is like your partner; you drive with it every day to work or any place you may wish to go. It’ll be right to clean and make it as tidy as possible, like your dwelling place. Others don’t bother driving a lot of stuff in the car, which is fine for them.

It will help boost your mood if you start your day with a clean and fresh ride going to work, but maybe it’s just me. My brain cannot function well if the inside of my car is not so organized and in an untidy condition. Your mood in the morning plays a vital role in being productive at work and focusing on yourself.

#8. Motivate Yourself Everyday.

Focus on yourself #8. Motivate Yourself Everyday

Motivating yourself every day means always nurturing your instinct into optimistic perceptions. If you set a goal or a scheme to improve your life as a whole, you need to persevere no matter how difficult and challenging your daily undertakings will be.

Most of the time, your moods and bad experiences in any situation will push you to divert or dismiss your project.

It is crucial to building a robust optimistic attitude to focus on achieving that goal no matter what it takes. Motivate yourself every day by taking a small step of accomplishment from your plan instead of perceiving your success in a short-time and drastic manner.

Success is not an overnight scheme. It takes many failures and grit to acquire your desired results, so keep that perseverance at all costs.

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