4 Useful DIY Natural Beauty Hacks Using Sugar For Skin

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How To Enhance The Skin Naturally By Simple DIY Beauty Hacks Using Sugar?


Who would have thought of beauty hacks using sugar? When it comes to sugar, some people like myself can think of a coffee creamer since I am a big fan of coffee, while others can illustrate it as a tempting dessert? Sugar is said to have many advantages, such as preservatives in food, add taste, texture, and color.

Simple DIY Beauty Hacks Using Sugar
Cost-effective beauty hacks using sugar.

It can also add balance acidity to sauces and dressings. The Food and Drug Administration identified sugar as safe if used in moderation.

Our body needs sugar, especially our brain and red blood cells, which can only use glucose as the source of energy. Our body can benefit from stored sugar, wherein we can use it as reserve energy allowing our body to stay longer without eating.

It is also a mood booster; it makes us happy because it enhances the rush of dopamine found in our brains.

Aside from using sugar for food and medicines, it can also benefit our skin for external application. When mixing with other natural ingredients such as fruits, spices, and herbs, sugar can provide a stunning effect on our skin as a natural beauty hacks.

Here are four beauty hacks using sugar to enhance the texture of your skin.

#1. Serve As Moisturizer. 

Sugar Moisturizer yourself on update

Well-moisturized skin can lead to vibrant and healthy-looking skin texture; this is why many women are obsessed with purchasing different kinds of moisturizers and lotions, hoping to improve their skin tone.

Using too many synthetic or chemically formulated moisturizers can damage the skin and give unpleasant effects like rashes if not careful enough to pick the right one for your skin type.

On the other hand, beauty hacks using sugar can naturally benefit from moisturizing all skin types without the skin’s harsh effects after the application. It exfoliates gently on your skin.

An equal amount of sugar mix with olive oil can do the wonders of moisturizing your dry and dull skin, leaving it supple and vibrant.

Moisturizing the skin can slow the aging process, leaving your skin young-looking for a longer time.

#2. Lip Exfoliant.

Sugar lip exfoliator yourself on update

If you have an allergic reaction to any lip balm, make your lips even dryer instead of moisturizing it, then your lip balm is not the right product for you. I have similar problems when it comes to dry lips. My lips, especially in extremely hot or freezing weather, will harshly crack or sore, and it’s not going to look pretty or comfortable at all.

I found some lip balm that moisturizes my lips for a few hours, but it’s not going to last for the whole day. Another factor is the lack of fluids such as drinking water. Your body will signal dehydration through your skin, particularly on your lips. Dry skin on this particular area signifies to hydrate your body more often.

Wearing lipsticks often will also cause dry lips. It is necessary to exfoliate your lips once in a while to peel off-dry and old skin. Exfoliating your lips gives a smooth feeling and lasting moisture that will absorb your lip balm’s efficacy for the rest of the day. Exfoliating regularly will renew the skin layer of your lips.

Incorporating beauty hacks using sugar is useful and effective as a natural option for lip exfoliant. All you need is either brown or white sugar, mix it with the coconut oil, and voila! You have a homemade lip exfoliant.

#3. Facial Scrubs.

Sugar Facial scrub yourself on update

Sugar can serve as facial scrubs too. The exfoliating properties of sugar will naturally eliminate excess oil on your face, removes blemishes like whiteheads, and remove the dead skin layer.

Sugar granules will not harm your skin as they will melt while you scrub them on your face; that is why beauty hacks using sugar is the best remedy for enhancing your skin.

It is the safest natural beauty hacks, considerably affordable, and with no harmful effects on your skin. By scrubbing off the old layers of your skin, the complexion will also improve and gets lighter.

It is easy to use on the face; just a teaspoon of sugar, put it into the palm of your hand, and gently work it on your face in a circular motion. If you are highly sensitive to many over the counter products, it will be worth trying these simple beauty hacks using sugar as your facial scrub 2-3 times a week.

#4. Knees and Elbow Scrubs.

knees and elbow scrub yourself on update

For a darker complexion like myself, the knees and elbows are the spots that need extra care in exfoliating. Most likely, these spots are darker than most of your bodies.

If you are not using any lotions regularly to hydrate and moisturize your body, your elbows and knees tend to get dryer and thicker.

A granulated sugar helps to lighten and will even improve the tone and texture of the area.

Beauty hacks using sugar with lime or lemon 2 to 3 times a week or as needed to exfoliate the darker areas before bath and make it as part of your regular beauty hacks.

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