Myths Or Facts About Height | 6 Truths Or Lies

MYTHS OR FACTS ABOUT HEIGHT-yourself on update

Is It A Myth Or The Fact That Height Affects Health and Opportunities? The unfortunate truth about myths or facts in every part of society is that there is always discrimination on something—your skin color, how you look, and the appearance of your height. These are a few challenging scenarios presented in our society from […]

Signs Of Mental And Physical Exhaustion | 6 Critical Signs To Avoid


What happens when your body is exhausted? Ever wonder why some days don’t turn out so great? Little things like you forgot to bring your favorite coffee mug or perhaps left your important work stuff in the car and only have less than a minute before your work starts? Well, that’s a bummer. Unconsciously you […]

9 Personal Hygiene Habits Most Women Missed | Important Hygiene Hacks

PERSONAL HYGIENE HABITS-yourself on update

Critical Personal Hygiene Habits Hacks For Women Are you particular and keen on taking care of yourself? Our daily regimen is not limited to embellishing ourselves and perfecting our skin but also enforcing a strict regimen in our personal hygiene habits. According to the world health organization, personal hygiene refers to conditions and practices that […]

8 Simple Ways To De-Stress Before Bedtime

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The Importance Of De-stressing To Achieve A Good Night Sleep Our body knows what we think and feel, and with that, our subconscious mind will reciprocate all of these. If we are so tired and feeling so stress from work, financial issues, health, etc., our subconscious mind will tremendously affect our daily norm more than […]

7 Steps To Naturally Renew Your Beauty

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How To Renew Your Beauty After A Stressful Day? If you are a busy person like me, working more than 10 hours a day at a full-time job, do projects at home, follow up with my daughter on her study and some chores daily, then having a little time for myself is debatable. Working a […]