How To Avoid The Bloated Stomach Before Bedtime?


Bloating is a feeling when your stomach is full and swollen in the abdomen. Your bloated stomach is full of air or gas and comes along with the following:

A bloated stomach is the stomach’s distention, feeling full of air in your belly and passing flatulence more often, while belly fat is that you can physically grasp it with your hand.
  1. Too Much Abdominal Gas. The feeling of excessive air in your stomach, and sometimes it feels hard to breathe.
  2. Burping and hiccups. We often call it belching, also experienced after eating a meal or drinking carbonated drinks. It is an air passed throughout the mouth.
  3. It is a feeling of passing gas or uncontrolled flatulence. When the food you eat didn’t break down or digest completely, your digestive tract will build up gas or air, mostly when you eat and drink too fast, chew gum, etc.

However, a bloated stomach can be avoided if you change your eating and lifestyle patterns. Some of the foods you eat, especially on certain high-fiber foods such as whole grains, some vegetables, legumes, and fruits.

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Here are the following ways to avoid a bloated stomach before your bedtime:

#1. Eat Before Six o’clock PM. 

Bloated Stomach #1. Eat Before Six o'clock PM
Eliminate or minimize bloated stomach by eating on or before 6 PM for dinner. By doing this, it will not only improve your sleep but could also benefit from losing weight.

Eating earlier before 6 p.m. is an ideal time to eat dinner, either you are trying to lose some pounds or reducing your blood sugar. Incorporating this habit of not eating past time can be helpful to food digestion in your stomach.

A bloated stomach can affect the health condition of your sleep. You will feel uneasy and restless and not achieve a straight sleep pattern if your stomach does not achieve complete food digestion.

If you work late and achieving the habit of eating on time may be impossible, then a small portion of food or a light meal to munch before 6 pm is a better way to begin. You can also go for a nutritional dinner in the form of a shake or juice. A healthy meal shake option will fill you up while still getting a recommended meal intake with a full nutritional value.

#2. Avoid Any Lactose Beverage Before Bedtime.

Bloated stomach #2. Avoid Any Lactose Beverage Before Bedtime
Go for lactose-free option food products to avoid the inconvenience of a bloated stomach.

Lactose intolerance is the inability of your body to digest the sugar in milk. As a result, you will experience a bloated stomach, diarrhea, passing excessive gas, etc. If you have a particular condition, you will have difficulty going to bed if not avoided in your system.

It is essential to avoid lactose products such as milk, cream, butter, yogurt, ice cream, and cheese to prevent bloating, conditions of the skin like eczema, sinus problems, allergy, etc., abdominal discomforts due to the consumption of these products.

#3. Avoid Soda, Drink Tea After Dinner Instead.

Bloated stomach #3. Avoid Soda, Drink Tea After Dinner Instead
Establishing a habit of drinking tea after a heavy meal will eliminate the incidence of a bloated stomach.

Soda is a non-alcoholic beverage containing natural and artificial sweeteners and flavors. Its components, mostly sugary ingredients, can lead to a bloated stomach if consumed excessively. The high content of a sugary drink will have an unfavorable effect on your body. 

Consuming too much soda is one reason for obesity; the US’s leading health problem is experiencing for years due to adapting to a fast-paced daily lifestyle.

Going for fast food options, eating out, etc., while not having enough time to be mindful of health aspects.

Asian countries like Japan, Korea, and others have a minimum ratio of obesity because they take the importance of their health and what food they ingest into their mouth.

Most Japanese drink tea after their meal. They establish a habit of cleansing after eating their food. 

Drinking tea after dinner is an excellent practice that reduces or eliminates the bloated stomach. It will support to manage and control the weight while detoxifying the body regularly. Some teas that help reduce the bloated stomach are ginger tea, peppermint tea, chamomile tea, green tea, and lemon tea.

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#4. Avoid Eating Excessive Red Meat At Dinner.

Bloated stomach #4. Avoid Eating Excessive Red Meat At Dinner
Lessen or eliminate eating red meat to avoid indigestion and bloated stomach.

Red meat is what people commonly eat because of its known tasty flavor. These are beef, pork, veal, venison, lamb, and goat. Aside from high saturated fat and high cholesterol levels that may have caused an increased risk of cancer and heart diseases, it can also lead to obesity and a bloated stomach.

If you have a problem with indigestion, eating red meat is certainly not advisable to eat regularly. Feeling bloated is another indication that your stomach is battling an indigestion problem. Minimize eating this type of meat to avoid the complication of a specific condition.

According to the study cited from Arch Intern Med, overeating red meat will decrease the mortality rate of an individual. Thus, it is safe and healthy to only consume a palm-sized amount of red meat once in a while in your diet.

#5. Avoid Eating Fast.

Bloated stomach #5. Avoid Eating Fast
Eating fast is another factor of indigestion and a bloated stomach.

Whenever you’re in a hurry, eating is typically almost impossible to attain. Most of the time, if you are busy doing many things while trying to feed yourself simultaneously, speed eating is unknowingly becoming a norm. Not taking your time eating the meal will increasingly develop indigestion and a bloated stomach. 

Chew the food properly and have that state of being mindful of eating your meal slowly as possible. Beating the belly bloat is quite challenging to achieve if a particular lifestyle and norms presented above will continue for an extended time. Avoiding yourself from multi-tasking while you eat will undoubtedly support in beating indigestion.


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